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Medieval Footwear

Medieval BootsMedieval Footwear
Medieval BootsMedieval Footwear

Medieval Boots

Medieval Footwear

catalog number: 13057

Medieval Boots dating back to 1400-1500.Made of thick natural cattle leather, 1 cm thick leather sole, nailed with iron nails.

To view detailed measure form choose size "Custom".

price: €  433.00 


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I fill in the attached PDF and I send it later:

This form is intended for a custom production. When you fill it, you will contribute to a more accurate production of the product. Please indicate this fact like a note in this order. If you do not fill out the form, continue and the goods will be sent in a standard size.

You can fill out the form online or print it in pdf format and send it by post.

To both outlines used one paper, sole keep all the time in like position. All data fill in cm (measure by tailor-meter).

Original handmade production

Family saddlery

Custom Made Customers